Mole Problems?? No Problem!!

Moles continue to be a severe problem  in many Kansas City area landscapes and lawns, so we  have added this service in an attempt to control them. We currently have Mole Programs where our Technicians scout the lawn for active mole tunnels. In many cases, we've been able to control mole activity with this service.

We offer a monthly service at a minimal charge and continue to kill moles as they re-infest. Our programs includes the mole traps, weekly service calls and removal of any moles that were caught. A granular application is also available to help keep the moles out of your lawn after all mole activity has stopped. This application is used as a preventative measure to help control the mole activity.

So, if you're tired of those unsightly tunnels and mole mounds and would like your FREE estimate or to sign up on a Mole Program, please call or email us!


Mole Patrol


Mole Information

Moles spend most of their time underground. They do have eyes, but can only distinguish between light and dark. They have enlarged, strong front feet with elongated claws which enable them to dig through a large amount of earth for their size.

Moles construct a series of tunnels under the ground. Temporary ones just below the surface for feeding, and permanent ones 10 to 18 inches beneath the surface. A large chamber in the deeper runways is used as a retreat during drought, heat, cold and as a nest for the young. The digging of surface tunnels can be up to 1 foot per minute while in search of food. When digging, the dirt passes under the mole until a pile is formed. The mole then pushes it though a vertical tunnel and outside, thus leaving a molehill on the surface.

Moles live a solitary life only tolerating others during mating season. Mating occurs in the early spring and after 4 to 6 weeks a single litter is born, usually consisting of 3 to 5 pups. After 1 month, the young are able to care for themselves and reek havoc on your lawn.

85% of a moles diet consists of earthworms and insects in the soil. Earthworms are one of their favorites! Grubs may attract moles to an area, but the elimination of grubs will not remove the moles if there are earthworms present. Remember, the presence of moles is not a sure sign that the lawn has grubs, especially if it has been treated for grubs.





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